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Designed to use with New Rock VoIP products, PT2400 24-port-RJ11 protected distribution panel provides 6 RJ45 jacks connecting to the equipment and 24 RJ11 jacks connecting to CO lines or phone wires. The built-in surge protectors guard against the lightning strikes and electrostatic discharge and help ensure each line circuitry on the equipment operates reliably. The PT2400 panel is 19' rack mountable and the pin out assignment follows the TIA/EIA 568B standard. Each RJ45 jack corresponds to 4 RJ11 jacks.

-  Number of RJ45 ports available: 6
-  Number of RJ11 ports available: 24
-  Surge protection: Common mode(TIP/RING, each line)
-  Operating voltage: ≤184V
-  DC breakdown voltage: 230V(±20%)
-  Pulse breakdown voltage: <600V @ 1000V/uS
-  Max. discharge current: 250A @ 10/700uS
-  Severity level for lightening strike test*: 3.5kV @ 10/700uS
-  Insertion loss: <0Ω,<1.5pF
-  Chassis material: Galvanized steel
-  Installation: Flush mount
-  Color coding standard for twisted pair cable: 568B
-  Twisted pair cable type: Recommended/CAT4, Compulsory/CAT3
-  Cross-sectional area of grounding cable: 2.5 mm2
-  Ground connection: Screw lug

For more information, contact us at global@newrocktech.com or leave an online message.

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